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Matt Weatherly is a man of simple pleasures and complicated pains. He is very polite and has excellent table manners. If you see him ahead of you at the grocery, and you have fewer items than he does, he will probably let you pass. But that's enough about his better qualities. Matt's interests in film and video were a result of the process of elimination. But the enjoyment he receives from his work is a nice bonus. He's not too big on bragging about his accolades...except for his championship victory in which he defeated the entire sixth grade in the game of Nimbi. It's all downhill from there. After spending two random disorderly years at MTSU, Matt graduated from the University of Memphis in the middle of his class with a pretty good GPA. Having worked primarily as an editor, Matt has been gradually expanding his arsenal of multimedia tools in order to raise his nerd status to wizard level. He dabbles in many forms of graphic design and works to keep Old School afloat on the rivers of technology. If you see him around, you should give him a big ole kiss.

Crew Positions: Director of Photography, Editor, Website Designer
Favorite Movies: Taxi Driver, The Godfather Parts I & II, Lost in Translation, A Clockwork Orange, Conan the Barbarian, The Big Lebowski
Favorite Directors: The Coen Brothers, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson
Favorite Actors: Al Pacino, Edward Norton, Christian Bale, pre-millenium Bobby D
Favorite Actresses: Scarlett Johannson, Laura Linney
All-Time Favorite Cartoon: Ren & Stimpy
Favorite Movie Quote: "I wanted to see exotic Vietnam, the jewel of Southeast Asia. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture, and kill them. I wanted to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill." -Matthew Modine, Full Metal Jacket
Favorite Hobbies: Frisbee, Eating hamburgers, Hobnobbing, Jogging slowly