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Live From Memphis visits Daylight Fades set

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Memphis music, film and arts organization Live from Memphis was on the set of Daylight Fades recently and filed a report titled “Vampires of the Bluff”:

“Neither Ellis nor writer Allen Gardner set out to make a ‘typical’ vampire movie. “I had been wanting to do a vampire movie since I was 11, and The Lost Boys was the reason why,” says Gardner. “This really isn’t a horror film. It’s a character-driven drama with supernatural undertones.” Ellis, who studied director John Carpenter’s less-is-more technique to prepare for this movie, says he is not interested in brooding anti-heroes and swooning heroines. “I’m not a particular fan of the vampire genre, which is why I thought that coming into this with a fresh eye would be a good thing,” he says. “They’re not figures of horror, or dark knights, or evil creatures. They’re saddled with this affliction that they can’t shake. We’re treating it kind of like how an alcoholic deals with his substance abuse.” Imagining vampires as real-world phenomenon rather than supernatural monsters meant raising some rather uncomfortable questions. “There’s the immortality thing, which certainly everyone has thought of,” says Gardner. “But that comes in conjunction with a moral dilemma. Are you willing to kill others to sustain your own life?”

But while the movie may have more on its mind than just bloodsucking doesn’t mean that the mood is universally contemplative.”

Read the complete”Vampires of the Bluff” story here 


Don’t Miss Out on Your 15 Minutes of Fame

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The Super Bowl is over and now it’s time to place your bets on who will bring the MOST friends to the Daylight Fades open extras call at the Young Avenue Deli this Tuesday (February, 3rd 2009) from 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

What: Be an extra in the movie Daylight Fades.
When: Tuesday February, 3rd 2009 (aka tomorrow) from 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM.
Where: Young Avenue Deli at the intersection of Cooper and Young.
What to Wear: Causal going out attire with no blatant logos or bright red colors.

Read more about Tuesday’s big shoot at CW 30’s website: http://tinyurl.com/cz7a3z

And don’t forget, Denny’s is giving away FREE Grand Slam breakfasts to anyone and everyone in America on Tuesday morning from 6:00 AM- 2:00 PM. So stop by before or after the shoot and enjoy a delicious home cooked breakfast. Memphis has two Denny’s locations, one at Macon and Sycamore View and one downtown across from AutoZone Park.

If you can’t make it to Denny’s, coffee and donuts will be provided on set for everyone (even for the people who ate at Denny’s).

We’re looking forward to seeing you and at least 15 of your friends, bright and early on Tuesday morning.


Ever dream of being a Movie Star?

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Well, your dreams are finally coming true. This Tuesday (February 3, 2009) at the Young Avenue Deli, Daylight Fades is having an open call for background and featured extras. We will be shooting from 7AM-11AM and need the Deli to look like a crowded Friday night.

If you want to get your face in the film, now is the time. Come dressed in causal going out attire with no blatant logos or bright red colors.

Feel free to invite ALL your friends…. because hey, friends have dreams too.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Hit us up at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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